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Maurie Milani - Psychologist

B.B.Sc., Dip Ed., Dip Ed. Psy., MAPS

Psychology Mildura is a small, private business run by Maurie Milani.  Maurie Milani is a practising psychologist with over 25 years experience as a registered psychologist. Maurie is also a registered teacher with over 35 years experience and he still consults with schools and education bodies on a part time basis today.


Psychology Mildura offers a daytime (8.30am – 4.30pm) and evening service (4.30pm to 8.30pm) weekdays. The evening service supports individuals who cannot attend appointments during working hours. The evening service also takes away the repercussions of having an appointment during work hours.

Weekend appointments are available on request.

Psychology Mildura Facility

Psychology Mildura is a facility which is discreet so as to protect the confidentiality of clients that enter the premises and no client ever encounters anybody else in the waiting room