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Behavioural Issues (All Ages)

Behavioural Issues (All Ages)


Psychology Mildura offers a service to support individuals, of all ages, who find themselves in a position where their behaviour compromises the well-being of themselves and those around them.

The interventions target understanding these behaviours, being aware of their consequences, learning and acquiring a new skill set so that new behaviours can be implemented.

Dysfunctional behaviours can often be attributable to, or involve;

  • ·         Infant behavioural issues
  • ·         Specific disability issues
  • ·         ADHD
  • ·         Anorexia and bulimia
  • ·         Anxiety and/or depression
  • ·         Addictions
  • ·         Adolescent, peer related issues
  • ·         Personality issues
  • ·         Other psychological factors (mental health issues)

Just to name a few…